We want to lead you to success. In this perspective, we propose you a full range of essential high-quality services :
- Accountancy
- Statutory audit
- Training
- Taxation, social law and legal advice
- Company financial management
- Data processing
- Trust and inheritance tax planning

In addition to the above general skills, we offer some specific skills in the following areas :
- international
- real estate
Our consultancy has gained a first rate expertise in these fields, fully justifying our reputation.

- Organizing and setting up book-keeping system and procedures adapted to the size of your company.
- Outsourced book-keeping, controlling and auditing.
- Missions of presentation, restricted exam and audit
- Annual counts in French and German: balance sheet, profit and loss account and annex
- Certification of chartered accountant.
- Deliverance of visas to the members of authorized management centres and associations.
- Outsourcing the full accounting process : administration, tax, payables and receivables.

Entrepreneurship :

- Counseling for the choice of legal structure, fiscal and social status
- Forecast of operations and cash
- Research credit, financing bargaining

Management tools and assistance to the decision :

- Interim situations and flash results
- Establishment of dashboards
- Assistance, set up budgets, budgetary control and gap analysis, results by activity
- Investments: choice of the mode of financing, determination of the rentability, counseling for the choice of software equipments and computers
- Establishment of accounting, reporting, consolidation systems for national and international groups
- Management of the company's assets

Business Valuation/Assistant transmission

- Assistance to their transmission, payment or free
- Mergers, restructuring

Set up computer systems :

- Study opportunities and needs
- Involvement in the choice of hardware and software
- Setting software
- Training in the use of software

Review of computerized records - Internet development :

- Counseling for your Internet strategy
- Advice and implementation of administrative own e-commerce

- Legal audit
- Contractual missions
- Commissioner for inputs and merger
- Analysis of procedures, assessment of internal control
- Due diligence

- Establishment of all tax returns related to businesses and individuals
- Information on legislation evolution
- Control of notice and requests for abatements
- Tax, studies in various real estate and international taxation
- Assistance to tax investigation and litigation
- Audit and tax advice

Staff management assistance :

- Assistance to recruitment (studies and drafting contracts, hiring formalities)
- Development files for excluding charges
- Establishment of pay slips and all social statements
- Assistance to URSSAF controls and all social organizations
- Assistance to staff representation
- Formalities for dismissal

Social Council :

- Social and Consultations Studies
- Information on the evolution of social legislation
- Advice on savings schemes
- Assistance in setting up contracts pension and provident

Audit social

Assistance and legal advice :

- Choice of legal form of company
- The completion of formalities specific to the creation
- Information on the specific legal aspects related to the activity
- Advice and Legal Secretariat (General Assembly, processing, sales...)

- Choice of facilities (direct or through companies)
- Wealth
- Choice of real estate investments :
* Unfurnished or furnished apartment
* Funding by conventional credit or lease property...
- Organization of the inheritance analysis - cost - Opportunities Tax

Training in French and German
Specific training related to the following areas:

- New French fiscal treatment of real estate (VAT and registration duties)
- French Tax foreign clients
- Terms of implantation of foreign firms in France
- Accounting
- Accounting and tax corporate real estate
- Accounting and tax operations of real estate
- Merchants of property: legal and tax
- Taxation of landowner
- Gains of individuals
- Holiday rental
- VAT and rental
- Real estate of firm: 20 errors not to be made
- Transfer of business whether free
- Start to the withdrawal of entrepreneur

- Advice on establishment of foreign companies in France, debit, secretarial, translation
- Representation of companies established in the European Union and performing taxable transactions for VAT in France (Term Tax)
- Payroll representatives of foreign companies in France
- Research Partners
- Supporting our customers abroad
- Consultations on International Taxation
- Choosing social status of the leader abroad

Real estate professional or personal:

- Choice of investment mode: SCI or not ...
- Choice of detention: full ownership or possession dismembered
- Choice of ways rental: empty or furnished / equipped
- Choice of financing mode: classic credit, leasing ...
- Choice of tax: income tax, corporation tax

- Choice of detention: full ownership or possession dismembered
- Choice of ways rental: empty or furnished / equipped
- Choice of financing mode: classic credit, leasing ...
- Choice of tax: income tax, corporation tax

Real Estate agents :

- Determining the peak treasury
- Certificate of holding funds
- Auditing constituents
- Monitoring of compliance, audit Act HOGUET
- Control of Records
- File application and renewal of the business card

Tax status of professionals ("Marchands de bien" and others) in the real estate business :

- Detailed monitoring operations
- Updating and keeping records